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Antibullying week. 

Antibullying week ended by considering who can help us when we need help. In discussions a number of children suggested that Jesus could help us when we are broken. 


November 2017

As part of the school's Black History month, children considered who they found to be inspiring.

Michael, selected Archbishop Vincent Nichols, who was generous enough to respond to his letter.

Following a "Wednesday Word" discussion Year 4 have considered what generosity means. As a result of these discussions children in Year 4 are now planning how they could show their love and care for others through establishing a new campaign to support the work of the local Food Bank.

Year 6 pupils have considered some dilemmas of life in the context Gospel values and the Ten Commandments.

Year 2 have thought about questions to ask God. Having been inspired by a song called 'Big, big questions', the children wrote their questions to God in the form of poetry. They will be put into a class book and shared with another Catholic school in the borough, who will think of possible answers that God would give using Biblical knowledge and scripture. 

October 2017

During this month of October, the month of The Rosary, Year 2 have been learning about the Hail Mary prayer. They have made their own Rosary beads to know the prayers that make up the Rosary. Some children have written their own version of the Hail Mary too and reflected on how they can be like Mary in their daily lives.

Year 1 have used drama to explore the tale of the ark and the animals and God's promise to Noah.
The Lighthouse team have met weekly during October to meditate and reflect on the stories in the Gospel that feature Mary. They have also led the Rosary prayer as part of their weekly prayer session.

September 2017

Year 2 took part in Collective Worship and then discussed if Daniel would have been frightened meeting the lions.

Year 3 were exploring their understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism through mind mapping. 

Reception class are just starting to learn about their class saint, Saint Francis. The class are also learning "He's got the whole world in His hands", so they can participate more fully in collective worship. 

Year 5 have reflected upon the natural disasters in the Caribbean by writing prayers for those caught up in the hurricanes. 

Advent 2016

The school celebrated the meaning of Advent at our collective worship. 

May 2016 

Parents joined the school for the Crowning of Mary

Ascension day Mass was celebrated in school with Father Richard and Mrs C Grice, the Chair of Governors. This Mass was lead by the Lighthouse children. 

November 2015

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015 the school came together to pray for all those touched by the event. The children then wrote personal prayers for a book, which was sent to the French Embassy in London.

CAFOD’s Make a Splash:

As part our Lent reflection the school has participated CAFOD’s campaign to raise awareness for those in the world in water poverty. Through prayer and fun with water balloons, the children have been challenged to consider the needs of others. A total of £127.35 was raised.

The Crowning of Mary May 2015

The month of May's celebrations of Mary was concluded with an uplifting liturgy when the whole school took part in the Crowning of Mary.

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