Year 4

Welcome to St Bernadette's class page.

 Year 4 have been busy learning at home! Please see our gallery below for a few photos of our learning.  We have been writing instructions, recipes and cooking for our English and for maths, we have been measuring the perimeter of items around the house, creating our own games to calculate scores and solving sudoku and logic puzzles. In Science, we were researching animals to find out where they live, what they eat and what their food chains look like. We have now begun a new topic of the Digestive system. This week, we will be carrying out an experiment at home ; looking at the effect that liquids can have on our teeth, by observing what happens to hard boiled eggs when left in different liquids for 48 hours. Come back next week to see our photos and results! 

In year 4, we are using the following links to support us during our learning from home.



Some examples of RE work


Gabriel's Psalm

Raphael's poster