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Lighthouse Team

The Catholic life of our school is key to who we are as a school. In order to promote greater pupil and community engagement we now have a team of pupils who make up the Lighthouse team. The Lighthouse team help with prayers and promote aspects of Catholic life in and around the building.

The Lighthouse team are key people to help Share the Light of Jesus with each other.

At the Start of Year Mass, on Friday 22d September, members of the Lighthouse Group were blessed by Father Richard.

The Lantern, a symbol of the Lighthouse team, was passed from Tadi, a member of the 2016- 2017 team to the 2017-2018. Alex Karlo, one of the Year 1 Lighthouse representatives then carried the Lantern down the aisle, at the end of the Start of the Year Mass.

 Worship and Praise,

The Lighthouse team continue to lead the school in prayer, worship and reflections.

This week the team reminded us all that Jesus cares for us and is the Good Shepherd. Click here to see part of their presentation


2017-2018  Lighthouse
Year 1 Alexander Karlo Alex Sereno Otero
Year 2 Gabriel Tweneboa-Koduah Goda Kanapeckaite
Year 3 Sarah Kolici Aaliyah Webber
Year 4 Joshua Sottin Julia Gronkowska
Year 5 Navon Daniel  Josephine Ojo
Year 6 Rebecca Burke Cassandra Aseoche




Lighthouse team 2016-2017    
Year 1 Tadi Chabata        
  Courtney Anyaegbuna    
Year 2  George  Strinati    
  Amelia  Bauer    
Year 3  Lola  Haslam    
  Stefan  Britalan    
Year 4 James  Uju    
   Lyla   Appleyard                
 Year 5  Emily  Hayden Philips    
   Jack  Warde
Year 6