As part of the spiritual development of The Lighthouse Team, the children gather together to focus on scripture and have had the opportunity to reflect on an image related to the scripture they hear. Reflection takes place silently whilst listening to music or sometimes the children are encouraged to share their reflections with the group. An example of prayer sessions have been during the month of October. To celebrate the Month of the Rosary, the Lighthouse Team have reflected on the scripture that refers to Mary. The children have had the opportunity to reflect and meditate on Mary in The Annunciation, The Visitation and The Birth of Jesus. At the end of each session, each Lighthouse Team class representative has led the group with the Hail Mary prayer and they have prayed a decade of The Rosary together.

Members of staff are always welcome to attend the prayer sessions.

Some children like to offer prayers for the needs of others in their family and school. Some have also offered prayers aloud in response to the prayers on the prayer tree in the school office.