sPORTS Premium 

PE Sports premium

In 2018-2019 we were able to use Sport Premium Funding to support the development of PE and School Sport in the following ways:

  • Funding Activkids after school clubs which includes an all-girls club for pupils in Year 5 & 6;
  • Provide an initial cycling proficiency training course for pupils in Year 5.
  • New playground equipment for use at playtimes.
  • Hire of Blackheath Rugby club pitch for sports day. £75
  • Continued CPD for all teachers.
  • Provide specialist coaching in Rugby for Years 3&4 to include CPD for teachers as well as an after school club.
  • Maths of the Day – a programme that promotes PE through cross curricular maths lessons. £150
  • Bikeability training for KS1 children. Staff to receive training and deliver balance bike training with children to improve their balance and co-ordination in a safe environment. Free
  • Access to a Fitness 5 a Day website that encourages pupils to be active regularly throughout the day. £252


  • All children in years 1 and 2 have been offered a place in ActivKids Club, resulting in this offer being made available to Reception class.
  • An increase in participation by year 5 and 6 girls in sport.
  • Children engaged in creative playground games which have developed them in both physical and social skills.


 In 2019-2020 we are planning the following:


  • Purchase of playground barriers for use in PE lessons and whole school events. Creating a safe barrier for efficient playground use and providing containment for equipment/balls for effective play: £1,399.95
  • Access to a Fitness 5 a Day website that encourages pupils to be active regularly throughout the day. £252
  • Subsidised after school clubs
  • Greenwich School Sports Partnership membership, this offers CPD opportunities and specialist guidance from sport specialists. It also offers opportunities for competition with other local schools. £950
  • Bollywood dance lessons for all classes as part of our cultural week, promoting physical activity, the development of creative replication and skill development. Improving children’s cultural awareness. £500
  • Specialist tennis lessons after school.
  • Hire of Sutcliffe Park athletics stadium for sports day
  • Additional swimming lessons for our Gala team to build on our medal success of 2018/19.