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The new autumn term starts on

Tuesday 6th September at 9am.


Welcome to St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

Dear ParentsWelcome to St Thomas More Catholic Primary School - Greenwich

At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School we provide a welcoming and safe learning environment, one in which the talents of all children and staff are recognised and developed to the full. The children enjoy the learning process and are guided by caring, enthusiastic and highly motivated staff. 

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 Best Wishes to our Year 6 pupils

as they prepare to move to their secondary schools in September.

Crowning of Mary (76 images)

On the last Friday in May, we came together as a whole school to honour Mary, our heavenly Mother. We started our Crowning ceremony with a reading of The Visitation followed by praying a decade of the Rosary altogether outside in the playground. We formed a 'human rosary' in the centre of the playground, consisting of the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be prayers and the rest of the school sat around the outside of the rosary. Each child brought in a flower and processed into the hall to place their flower at the statue of Our Lady's feet. We finished our prayerful celebration with a well-known hymn to Mary called 'Bring flowers of the rarest'. Thank you to everyone for making this a truly prayerful occasion.

'Bike It & Scoot It' Breakfast (53 images)

On Tuesday 24th May, we held our annual 'Bike It & Scoot It' breakfast. It was a huge success with over 200 people attending. We had food, drink, activities and prizes. Thank you to everybody who supported this event.

Shoesday - Tuesday 17th May 2016 (46 images)

On Shoesday, pupils were allowed to come into school in shoes that made them happy :-). Can you spot your shoes? This was one of our events as part of Walk to School week.

Roman army positions (13 images)

We went into the hall with our Roman shields and got into different Roman army positions. These positions included: the orb, the tortoise, the wedge and the repel cavalry.

Our Roman shields (29 images)

In Art and Design, we created Roman shields. Here are the final designs.

Making our Roman shields (51 images)

Here are some photographs showing the creation of our Roman shields.

Our trip to the park. (23 images)

As Year 6 worked so hard before and during their SATs - they were treated to a day out in the local park. We all had a thoroughly nice day: the weather was exceptionally kind to us! The children took advantage of the large space to play team games and to also practice their talents, ready for Sports Day. We ended the afternoon with a competitive class game of Rounders, the results of which will be announced this space!!!

Jesus appears to the apostles (31 images)

We have been studying and reflecting on the story of Jesus' appearance to the apostles on the road to Emmaus and the story of Doubting Thomas. Some of us had to imagine we were newspaper reporters for the Jerusalem Times and recorded all that had taken place during one of the events in a newspaper article. Some of us wrote either story as a play and performed this to the rest of the class as a role play.

Roman Trip (168 images)

On Wednesday 27th April, we saw the remains of a Roman Amphitheatre in Guildhall yard and then explored the Roman gallery at the Museum of London. We also saw a Roman fort and the London wall (a defensive wall built by the Romans). We had a great day out and learnt lots about the Romans!

Celebrating Science Week (40 images)

For Science Week - Year Six participated in various experiments including: Cake-in-a-Cup, Static Magic, Coke and Mentoes, Rubber Band Rockets and Spaghetti Towers. During these 'fun experiments' the children learnt how different reactions could be achieved by altering ingredients, methods and construction design. Everybody enjoyed themselves; some even got to eat the results! After watching a Science Show - provided for the whole school - Year Six decided that 'Science is great!'

School Council (0 images)

These are our School Council representatives for 2015-2016

Sports Relief 2016 (22 images)

On Thursday 17/03/2016 we all had a chance to practise our football skills. The 'Sports Connection Foundation' brought into school a huge goal, that was able to read the speed of our goal kicks. This was immense fun and taught us how to encourage and appreciate our classmates' talents - as we challenged each other. From our individual sponsorships we raised a lot of money for Sports Relief and their chosen charities.

Sport Relief (Year 4) (60 images)

On Friday 18th March, we took part in activities as part of Sport Relief. We took part in an Activkids session with John and we had a special PE session with Sport Leaders from STM Comprehensive School. We had a great day!

Sport Relief (73 images)

As a school we celebrated and raised money for Sport Relief. The children took part in sporting activities run by STM Comprehensive Sports Leaders as well as each class having an ActivKids session. We also had a visit from the shadow sports minister and local MP Clive Efford. The whole school participated well and we raised lots of money for a very worth cause. Well done everyone!

The Parable of the Yeast (80 images)

RE: In the story Jesus is telling people that a little bit of yeast can make a large amount of dough rise, in the same way that a little bit of faith can grow and make a big difference. We tasted different breads. We looked at the bubbles made by the yeast. Flat bread has no bubble because it has no yeast. Risen bread has bubble because it has yeast. We made bread together.

Pirate Dancing (37 images)

We learnt a pirate dance as part of our PE lessons. We included all the things that pirates do: Scrub the decks, hoist the sail, walk the plank, fire the cannons and many more.

World Book Day (29 images)

The children in Reception Class dressed up as their favourite book characters for World Book Day.

World Book Day (53 images)

For World Book day we all donated to charity and had the chance to wear some fantastic costumes depicting our favourite book characters. We were then able to buddy up with the children in Year 2 and read to them; discuss their favourite books and listen to them read to us. We finished the week making some brilliant Mothers Day cards.

World Book Day (12 images)

Year 3 and Reception class enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book character! During the day, Year 3 paired up with Reception Class to read to them. Year 3 had to give Reception class instructions to write three letters of the alphabet, based on their instruction writing they have been doing in an English lesson. They used bossy verbs and time connectives. They kept each step short and concise for the Reception children to understand.

Maths investigation - Are both our feet the same size? (11 images)

In Maths, we have been learning about the units of measure and how to convert between cm and mm. We drew around each others' feet and measured the length of our feet in cm using a ruler and converted the measurements into mm. It was a practical and hands-on lesson.

Science/DT (16 images)

In Science, we have been studying Volcanoes and how they are created and formed. We made our own in pairs using newspaper, glue and a plastic cup. We then painted them to look real. In the following lesson, we created an eruption using bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and food colouring to create the lava effect. It was really exciting!

RE - Diwali (22 images)

In RE, we have been studying the story of Rama and Sita, which is about good overcoming evil. We learnt how Diwali is known as the 'Festival of Lights', as the candle-lit houses are to represent goodness. The God that is worshipped is called Ganesh. We tried some typical food that Hindus and Sikhs eat during the celebration and tried on the typical clothing.

Discovering life in Ancient Egypt (30 images)

We got to learn some Egyptian dancing. The dance steps and movement were based on the day to day activities that Egyptians do, such as farming activities. It was great fun, as we got to partly dress up too with Egyptian accessories!

World Book Day (39 images)

On Thursday 3rd March, we celebrated 'World Book Day'. We dressed up as our favourite characters!

Fitness Session (23 images)

On Wednesday 13th January, we had a special fitness session. We worked hard and had a great time keeping fit.

Christmas Dinner - Yummy! (24 images)

On Thursday 17th December, we had our Christmas school dinner. We thoroughly enjoyed it and got to pull a cracker too!

Christmas Dinner (38 images)

The Children in Reception enjoyed their first Christmas Dinner at school. They had great fun with music, laughter and crackers.

Christmas Show (41 images)

The children have worked very hard over the past few weeks perfecting their Christmas performance.

Fireworks (47 images)

On the 5th November we spent the day learning about Guy Fawkes and the gun powder plot. We discussed the meaning of Fireworks night using our P4C skills. At the end of the day we had a great time making smores in the playground! As well as learning lots about the event we also learnt that oat biscuits do not make a good base for smores! *We covered history, literacy, philosophy as well as PSHE and personal safety.

Pirate hat instruction session (27 images)

Year 4 have been looking at instructions in their English sessions. As part of this, they made pirate hats. They then paired up with a pupil from Reception class and explained to them how to make a pirate hat using short, clear instructions with imperative verbs. Both Year 4 and Reception ended up with their own hat!

Environmental Centre (23 images)

After lunch we made hedgehogs out of clay and pine needles.

Environmental Centre (51 images)

The Children in Reception went to the Environmental Centre on their first school trip. We followed hedgehog through the woods to meet his friends and searched for the beginning signs of winter. After lunch we made clay hedgehogs out of clay and pine needles.

Making Friends (20 images)

Since starting in the Reception Class we have made lots of new friends. We enjoy playing together in the playground and classroom.

Cultural Day (30 images)

As part of Cultural Day the children took part in African dancing, food tasting as well as learning and creating crowns for inspirational people in history.

River Dance (21 images)

In our dance lessons, we have been creating a dance based on the different stages of a river. We start as a spring before travelling as a stream then we turn into a river. We even have a waterfall in our dance. We end our dance as the sea. As the dance progresses, we dance with more and more people.

Rememberance Day (70 images)

We created mosaic poppies, oil pastel and paint poppie landscapes and proppy wreaths.

Fireworks (34 images)

Autumn Fun (52 images)

We have been looking at detecting signs of autumn. We looked at what animals do in the autumn time designed and created our own squirrels and hedgehogs.

Foam Mark Making (20 images)

We have been practising writing our names and forming letters. The children used the foam to create marks and letters instead of using a pencil or pen. We had great fun and got rather messy too!

The Source (79 images)

We created the beginning part of a river in class. We used cereal boxes, egg cartons, newspapers, paper mache, glue and paints.

River Trip (150 images)

On Thursday 15th October, we went on a river trip in Horton Kirby. In the morning, we had a teaching lesson in the classroom and in the afternoon we did three experiments in the River Darent. We measured the speed, depth and stone size at different parts of the river. We had a great day out and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

Cultural Evening (25 images)

During Cultural Evening, some pupils in Year 4 performed at this event.

African Dance (30 images)

On Friday 9th October, we took part in African dancing as part of Cultural Day.

Fable performances (13 images)

In our English lessons, we studied fables. As part of this unit, we performed fables to the rest of the class.

Numicon in Year 1 (39 images)

Can you find all the different ways to make 6? 7? 8? 9? 10?............Children in Year1 can! Do you know your addition tables? Look in our numicon gallery to help you.

Cultural Day in Year 1 (17 images)

Story-telling, inspirational people (Pope Francis), African dancing and story-telling, food tasting and sharing and then.... Cultural Evening! What a day!!

Minion Picnic in Year 1 (27 images)

The Year 1 picnic is becoming a bit of a tradition thanks to Mrs Kent! Thankyou Mrs Kent and Y6 helpers

PE in Year1 (14 images)

Year 1 have been having fun keeping fit! PE takes place on Tuesday and Friday. If you go to Active Kids on Thursday please remember to bring in your PE kit for Friday.

Gifted and Talented Writers workshop (39 images)

We got together some of our juniors and asked them to put their creative writing skills to the test! They were asked to come up with their own version of Alan Alhberg's classic poem 'Please Mrs Butler'. We spent the afternoon writing our poems on the playground with chalk so everyone could read them during afternoon break. Take a look at what we got up to...

Numicon Workshop For Parents (12 images)

Quotes from parents who attended the Numicon Workshop. "Great idea. I have learnt a lot of new ways to explain maths to my children." "The Numicon session was fab! Very insightful and informative. Educating our children is very important in the world today." "Really helpful! It wasn't what I expected. It was much better. I have a greater understanding of what my son is doing." "Very useful session - great to realise how important it is to get concepts into day to day life. A very engaging and lively presenter bringing it alive."

General Photo's (7 images)

General Photo's from St Thomas More