Sports Premium

The Primary PE and Sports premium was introduced in March 2013 to improve the provision of physical education and school sport in primary schools across England. The Government provides funding directly to schools and this is ring-fenced and can only be spent on sport provision in school. It is for making additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport for the benefit of all pupils to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

Our Sports Premium funding allocations are as follows:

  • Amount of funding received in 2023/24: £17,800
  • Amount of funding received in 2022/23: £17,800
  • Amount of funding received in 2021/22: £17,750
  • Amount of funding received in 2020/21: £17,720

PE and school sport continue to play a very important role in the life of St Thomas More Primary School. We believe it adds to the holistic development of our children, it builds character and they learn even more about values such as respect, unity and co-operation.

The staff and governors agree that the money must be used so that:

  • all children benefit regardless of sporting ability
  • children are given the opportunity to compete in local tournaments
  • staff have access to quality resources and training opportunities
  • children are exposed to a range of sports and health enhancing activities through the curriculum, clubs and school visits

Please see below our Sports Premium spending plan: