Child Led Celebration of the Word

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, a group of children in each class lead a Celebration of the Word with their peers. Children set up a focal table to frame the Celebration of the Word in prayer. The children select the Bible reading from the Bible and the meaning behind the scripture in reflected in the colour of the liturgical cloth, objects chosen and words on the stones. 

The child- led Celebration of the Word is structured around the following parts:

We Gather โ€“ The children gather in the classroom with a focus area at the front of the classroom. They can use candles, rosary beads, prayer stone and other religious artefacts to reflect the theme of their Celebration of the Word. Before they begin the children talk to their class about what they have chosen and the theme of their Celebration of the Word.

We Listen– The children chose a Bible reading linked to their prayer theme and read the scripture aloud to their class. They say the responses used at Mass to structure their Celebration of the Word.

 We Respond – Children choose a prayer or a scripture quote to show their response to the Bible reading chosen.

 We Go Forth – Children choose a way to go forth, sharing the Good News and following God’s mission in their everyday lives. The children have Catholic Social Teaching cards and Bible quotes to show how to โ€˜Go Forthโ€™ and put their faith into action. 

Reception Class linked their Celebration of the Word to their English text on the rainbow fish